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  • PlanetSafe AIM Lubricant for home, automotive, industrial, marine, and weapons applications are manufactured in St George, Utah. PlanetSafe Lubricants are the result of nearly 20 years of research and development of patented lubricant technologies. AIM combines the penetrating qualities needed to free rusty parts with the lubricating qualities needed to allow moving parts to function with less friction, heat, and wear as well as the protecting qualities needed to ward off rust and corrosion. PlanetSafe AIM solves real world problems in the home, industry and commercial applications.

    What is PlanetSafe AIM and how does it work?

    PlanetSafe AIM is a bio-synthetic product specially formulated to lubricate, penetrate rusted parts, and clean rust and corrosion from surfaces. Once the rust and corrosion are removed AIM protects surfaces from further rust and corrosion. The synthetic components provide extreme protection and lubrication while the bio-components form an ionic bond that attracts the lubricant to the surfaces. Together the components complement each other to provide lubrication and protection second to none.

    Why is it called PlanetSafe AIM?

    AIM does not include any toxic substances like other penetrating oils and lubricants and is non-toxic. We labeled it AIM after feedback from mechanics, auto-marine shops, garden maintenance companies and industry. We realized we needed a heavier duty lubricant with industry leading penetrating capability for industrial applications. Thus AIM was born for Automotive/Industrial/Marine and weapons applications.

    How effective is PlanetSafe AIM at lubricating?

    Results from the industry standard ASTM D-4172 Four Ball Wear and Coefficient of Friction Test demonstrate the lubricating effectiveness of PlanetSafe’s active ingredients. The Four Ball Wear test spins four ball bearings under constant pressure and heat with the test lubricant. The coefficient of friction is measured during the 60 minute run and the average wear scar is determined. Results show that treating off-the-shelf oil with PlanetSafe OT reduces the wear scar by 23% That translates directly into longer life for tools, equipment, and weapons.

    AIM Applications:
    (not an exclusive list by any means)

    • Auto-Marine Shops
    • Machine Shops
    • Mechanic Shops
    • Weapons
    • Gun Ranges
    • Farm Equipment
    • Lawn & Garden Equipment
    • Commercial Mowers
    • Light Industry
    • Hand Tools
    • Power Tools
    • Assembly Lines
    • Bottling Machinery
    • Roller Bearings
    • Large Bay Doors
    • Heavy Duty Equipment
    • Anti-Corrosion
    • Penetrating Oil
    • Rust Prevention & Removal
    • Works great in water
    • And many, many more...

    We asked several of our automotive shop mechanic customers to tell us what jobs they have used AIM on where they found it worked better than any other product before it. Here is the non-exclusive list of AIM lubricant applications:

    • Exhaust manifold bolts, oxygen sensor removal.
    • Catalytic converter bolts (heat red hot and spray on) or spray and go to lunch and then remove.
    • Significantly better than Tap Magic for threading, tapping and drilling on steel, brass, bronze and aluminum. AIM really reduces galling and provides a much smoother finished thread.
    • Door hinge pins, door catch assemblies, hood latch mechanisms, trunk hinges, inside heater blend doors and vent cables and lug nut studs.
    • Apply to cylinder head bolt threads for accurate, smooth, and precise torque specs.
    • Works great on ignition cylinders and door lock cylinders,
    • Battery terminal bolts that are corroded and potentially break.
    • Spray on jacks that have been in trunks and have been exposed to moisture.
    • Power window channels where windows operate slowly (apply very sparingly)
    • Inside door panels where automatic power door locks are sticky or slow to operate.
    • Squeaky strut bushings, sway bar bushings that creak or squeak.
    • Rusty and corroded tie rod/ball joint nuts.
    • Apply small amount on light bulb housing to prevent moisture and rust from accumulating.
    • Spray on spare tire hangers under trucks where dirt and water damage are very likely.
    • Trailer hitch receivers.
    • Older cars where speedometer cables are used to prevent speedometer jumping and cable sound in dash cluster.
    • Shifting mechanisms on manual transmission vehicles.
    • Spray on u-joints for rear drive vehicles to prevent moisture and rust from building up.
    • Battery hold down bolts where corrosion is always present and bolts break often.
    • Glove box latches that become sticky or hard to close or open.
    • Emergency brake release cables on foot activated pedals that stick.
    • Emergency brake mechanisms on hand applied systems where things are usually spilled or dust accumulates frequently and makes releases stick or hard to operate.
    • Power seat slides or manual seat slides that become hard to operate as vehicles age.
    • Gas door release cables and hinges.
    • Pickup truck tailgate hinges and release handle assemblies.
    • Great for cleaning/degreasing parts. Liquefies grease making it easy to wipe off.
    • Air tool oil. Haven't found a mechanic yet that doesn't love AIM for their air tools.
    • Best bearing and chain lube.
    • Clean, lubricate and protect your tools.
    • Floor jack wheels and hinges, bay door roller wheels.
    • Plus as an added bonus, as a mechanic, apply to your tool box slides and roller bearings and you won't believe how "like new" your tool box feels once again.

    Automotive groups in California using PlanetSafe AIM include Kearney Pearson Ford, Ball, Siry, and Wescott Mazda. Currently testing are Frank Auto Group and Mossy Nissan Auto Group.

    Iconic firms in California using PlanetSafe lubricants include San Diego Hydraulics, Dynamic Marine Machining and Cogswell Marine and Racing. These 3 firms account for over 80 years of machining expertise and have found PlanetSafe Lubricants outperform anything used in the past.

    Pete Cogswell of Cogswell Marine & Racing in San Diego says "I've never seen a lube perform like yours for machining, drilling, tapping, and threading. We also use it on all of our tools and equipment. Goes on easy, cleans everything off perfectly and provides ongoing protection from rust and corrosion. We love the fact it has virtually no smell and being non-toxic is a great bonus."

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